if your heart was broken, you would be dead

every time you
tell your daughter
you yell at her
out of love
you teach her to confuse
anger with kindness
which seems like a good idea
till she grows up to
trust men who hurt her
cause they look so much
like you.
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I hope you look for me in everyone you meet.
— Because I Look For You (#206: February 27, 2014)

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There was actually nothing beautiful or poetic about it.
You shattered my fucking heart.
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I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me.
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I Will Be Grateful for This Day // Bright Eyes

Our bodies twist like shoe laces and we never came untied; I guess you were just my type. You know that summer never stopped, I still pretend I’m there. Bands in the living room, neighbors ain’t never cared.

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i am mine.
before i am ever anyone else’s.
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i promise that someday
i’ll buy you a place 
where you can say “what a nice view”
and i’ll agree 
while looking straight at you
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People get drunk
They hook up with the wrong person
And pretend to be okay
People act tough
And get mad

People will do anything to distract their heart.
They will do anything to distract it from missing someone.

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Before you know it it’s 3 am and you’re 80 years old and you can’t remember what it was like to have 20 year old thoughts or a 10 year old heart.
— This is the scariest fucking text post I’ve ever read (via bl-ossomed)

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Most days I wish I never met you because then I could sleep at night and I wouldn’t have to walk around with the knowledge there was someone like you out there.
— Good Will Hunting (1997)

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My forgiveness is no good to you, nor is yours to me; whether you forgive me or not, you will always be a sore place in my heart, and I in yours—so it must be.
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov (via dollymyfolly)

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